Friday, August 6, 2010


Aug. 5, 2010---Return to Cincinnati Museum Center. Beautiful fountain with city in background.

Scale model of the museum.

Maryann and Max getting on the replica of a streeet car. These were prominent in the late 1800's.

Max and Grandpa.

Todd and Steph

Max enjoying the childrens museum.

Skeleton on display in the natural history museum.

While the others were at the museum Carol and I walked between Cincinnati, Ohio and Newport, Kentucky. Here she is on the Purple People Bridge observing the area.

Cove Park on the Ohio side of the river.

Getting set up for the Goettafest across the river at Newport, KY.

Made reservations for dinner at the famous Montgomery Inn overlooking the river on the Ohio side. Many prominent people have eaten here over the years. Bob Hope became a good friend of the founder. A number of presidents have eaten here and many professional ball players.
Happy crew
Another example of the many pigs on display around the city. This
one looks very important smoking a cigar.
Meanwhile inside Allen is preparing for the pork ribs. They were outstanding as well as all the dishes that were selected for the evening. The food was just darn good!

After dinner we drove back over the river to Newport. This area is a large complex with a mall and several outside businesses. Known as Newport on the levee. Tonight the band called "Menu" was playing to a large crowd.

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