Monday, August 16, 2010


Aug. 16, 2010---Left Pomeroy, Ohio mile 250.2 at 9:00 a.m.

In many areas along the Ohio River rail tracks run parallel.

Much of the day was very calm as can be seen with the wonderful reflection of the clouds.

Of the towns we passed today, one stood out. Parkersburg, West Virginia appears to be developing the riverfront. Imagine this flood wall may be painted some day.

Reached Marietta, Ohio at 6:00 p.m. and docked at Boathouse BBQ for dinner. Food was good and we enjoyed our visit there.

Dream Manor looks large at the small dock.

Near the restaurant was an interesting raft. It may be well that it is onshore.

Moved from the restaurant to the city dock. Undesirable rocks on the bank at the downstream end. A large tree trunk appeared to be stuck in the mud limiting access to the dock. Once we tied up the may flys were so bad it was not very tolerable.

Walked up the bank to see the historic Lafayette hotel

Quite an impressive strucure overlooking the river. If the rooms could talk there would be many tales of interest.,

Walked a few blocks and found the Marietta Harbor marina. Looked better than the city dock. Walked back to the boat. Untied and moved to the marina. Has twin 30 amp power so we can run most of the equipment. Turned off the water heater and one air conditioner.

It was a pleasant travel day. The temperature was about 10 degrees cooler only reaching the high 80's. Went through the Racine lock with a 22' lift at mile 237.5 and the Belleville lock at 203.9, also a 22' lift. Divers were working in the small chamber so we locked up in the 1200' chamber. Made 78 miles today in 9.6 hours. Ran most of the day at 2000 rpm making 9.3 mph. Marietta Harbor marina is located at mile 172.2

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Anonymous said...

just an FYI, this coming weekend, August 20, 21 and 22 is the Bridgewater/Beaver County Regatta, held on the Beaver River.

Miss Nauti