Saturday, June 13, 2009


June 12, 2009---A serviceman representing Kohler came to the boat and studied on our generator problem. He found a loose connection on a signal line that sends information to the remote readout at the helm. The oil press now reads 28.7 psi.

Keith took Maryann and Carol to a town about 12 miles west called South Pittsburg. They found a nice laundromat to get our clothes washed and dryed. They also did the grocery shopping. I stayed on the boat and got the blog up to date.

Everyone was worn out so we decided to stay in and rest, instead of going back to Chattanooga.
About the time we got into a deep sleep, a strong wind came up and created waves. The boat rocked and slammed against the dock . It sure woke everyone up! Glad the storm only lasted about 45 minutes.

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