Tuesday, June 16, 2009


June 14, 2009---It takes a lot of grit to be a full time tourist! Having such a busy week and late night with the fireworks it was a treat to just hang around the marina.

The local geese were busy feeding in front of the old power house. Hales Bar Hydro Plant was completed in 1913. From the beginning there were problems with the dam. It was leaking through rock formations underneath the dam. Due to great costs and no clear solution the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) decided to remove the dam and replace it with the Nickajack Dam. It is the newest dam and lock on the Tennessee River built 1964-1967 located 6.5 miles down stream. The water that is held back created Nickajack Lake. We came thru that lock on June 9th.

The marina does more than handle boats. There are numerous floating cabins available to rent. They also have land cabins & RV park.

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