Friday, June 12, 2009


June 10, 2009---Had a busy morning doing a few chores and getting a vehicle rented. We drove to Chattanooga, Tennessee, a distance of 25 miles to the downtown area. From the marina it is about 2 miles to Interstate 24 which runs which into Chattanoogo. One thing of interest is I-24 goes into the state of Georgia for about 4 miles then back into Tennessee.

The marinas are all full because of the annual Riverbend Festival that lasts all this week. We learned that slip reservations are made in December, a full six months in advance. The festivities actually started last Friday the 5th and end this coming Saturday the 13th. There are some boats anchored out from the large bandstand and quite a number tied along the city dock. Not being certain of any requirements we felt it safer to leave our boat tied at Hales Bar Marina.

The main bandstand is permanently built on a large barge. There is a huge screen mounted in the upper front of the bandstand and one to the side held up with a high lift. The camera crews do a good job of filming the musical groups so they can readily be seen by the crowds of people sitting in the grass and on the wall.

There were numerous venders along the street. Of course I took note of one from Louisiana. The folks are some Thibadeaux’s from Lake Charles.

The sand sculptures were quite Great. There were two men doing the carvings when we stopped to look.

Carol & Maryann are seated on the wall with a view of the world’s longest walking bridge behind and too the right. It used to be for vehicles. It was abandend for a few years and then refurbished and saved for walking across the Tennessee River as part of the park developement. The boat directly behind them is not ours. It is however another 59’ Gibson.

By time the sun went down the crowd size had grown considerably. Everyone was waiting anxiously for the main attraction this particular night. The Commodores put on a terrific show on the big stage from 9:30 to 11:00 p.m.

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