Sunday, June 21, 2009


June 21, 2009---Happy Fathers Day!

Maryann sweeps the fly bridge and sun deck every day. It is unbelievable the quantity of mayflies that accumulate overnight. They are really attracted by the bright, white, anchor light. Many bugs do not make for a happy Maryann!

We took a little trip in the dinghy. Traveled about 2 miles up Soddy Creek to the town named Soddy. Went under state highway 27. There were a lot of swallows nesting under the edge of the bridge.

Landed the boat and walked around for a little while. The town appears to be spread along the water frontage. Not much to see in the immediate vacinty. We did not go far enough to see the school, but took a picture of a nearby church.

On the return trip there was a fine straw hat floating in the water. It sure looks good on co-captain Keith.


Anonymous said...

Isn't this June? Why are there May Flies? Keep up he good work Maryann.

Anonymous said...

Ha!!! Nice hat Keith!!!
Shane / Turbines Inc

Anonymous said...

Yuck!!! That sure is alot of mayflies. Think of it this way Maryann, at least you are feeding some fish in the process...
Shane, again / Turbines Inc

tda@ti said...

Yikes, all those flies would give me the heebee-geebee's!! LOL But I bet the fish are excited about the easy feeding!! Ha! By the way, Keith, I DO love the hat! Only you my friend!!! LOL