Saturday, June 6, 2009


June 5, 2009---Such a nice anchorage here in “First Creek” we chose to spend the day. Bass fishermen were still wearing out their lures.

A Harbor Master boat pulled into this same area and set the hook. They became our neighbors. They launched their dinghy about the time we set ours in the water.

Carol & I took a ride to the marina to get some gasoline. When we returned the neighbors came over for a short visit. The 4 mcgees attempted to go up another little creek to the town of Rogersville, AL. The creek got very shallow and the prop hit bottom. Had to turn back even thou it was only about another 1 ½ miles to town. Passed the Joe Wheeler golf course where a shot gun tournament was in progress.

We proceeded to the restaurant at the State Park and tied to the walkway. We enjoyed a good buffet featuring prime rib. On the water side of the facility a balcony overlooked the pool and marina. In the distance the "Dream Manor" wonders where we went.

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