Monday, June 8, 2009


June 8, 2009---The barber shop was open for a short time before we pulled anchor.

Made 30.8 miles from Goat Island to where we turned into Dry Creek at mile 382.3. The channel was clearly marked. This side trip led us 4 miles in 13 foot water depth to Jackson Co Park. There was no obvious dock secure enough to tie up a 59' boat. So we moved away from the park about a mile and selected an anchorage off channel in about 9 ft of water. Great to have a dinghy. We set it in the water and went to shore. Found the marina restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Carol inspected a plant she called Dusty Miller. She had not seen one bloom and it attracted her attention.

The locals were jumping off a small wooden dock into the water. It looked like a favorite swimming hole.

Saw an individual on the walkway in front of his houseboat. We proceeded to get aquainted. What great folks! Donald and Tammy Saint are wonderful hosts. Tammy drove us into Scottsboro, Al, a few miles from the park. She took us to the "Unclaimed Baggage Center". Did you ever wonder what happened to your luggage that you were never able to recover from the airlines? If you did not have it properly labeled, or any other number of problems that may have occurred keeping the luggage from being matched to its owner----after 90 days it very likely ends up at the Unclaimed Baggage Center in Scottsboro. The business started in 1970 and the owner now has contracts with most of the major airlines. The luggage is purchased sight unseen with contents. There are about 7000 items per day coming into the store. That seems like a lot of unclaimed luggage. The items are well displayed. Everything from clothes to ipods. There are shoes, toiletries, bedding, toys, tools and about anything that a person might imagine. It is all priced. Some of the items are priced quite reasonable, but some are priced like new. Tammy took us back to the park so she could return home to their houseboat. She loaned us their vehicle and we returned to town for a meal at the Buenavista Mexican Restaurant.

Upon returning to the marina we thanked Tammy and Donald for being so kind. They said be sure to tell other boaters to come see them anytime. They are in the second boat from the starboard end as you approach the marina and live there full time.

A beautiful sunset on a calm, quiet evening ended another day of McGee's Adventures.

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