Tuesday, June 30, 2009


June 30, 2009---Spent another day just enjoying the very pleasant marina. The Dream Manor is parked in the first slip across from the parking lot next to the Party Barge. The marina furnishes food for the boaters the first Friday of each month. We are looking forward to the activity this week. It is an opportunity to gather with the locals.

In the background can be seen part of the Fort Loudoun Dam and highway 321 (73) that goes over the top. Work on the bridge causes one lane traffic. There are always vehicles waiting in line. During busy times of the day it is a bit hectic.

No shortage of Wave Runners parked at the marina.

At Calhoun's Restaurant a little girl was feeding bread to the fish. Carp were actively fighting for the meal. Lots of boats were parked with people seated inside and outside enjoying a fine meal. A young man playing a guitar was providing music for the outside group.

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