Thursday, June 25, 2009


June 25, 2009---The water was so still this morning that reflections of trees was a beautiful sight. Toward the opening (in the distance) another boat can be seen at anchor.

They left shortly before us and headed up the Tennessee River. Took us a while to pile up the mayflies and get them off the boat. Mayflies?? Isn't this June??

Up river a short way there are some breaks in the trees. It looks like good pasture land.

I-75 was very busy as we passed underneath. Our speed was 8 MPH while overhead traffic sounded like it was traveling nearly 10 times faster. I bet they have not seen the detail of senery we have experienced.

Many very nice homes can be seen along the river. Some are so high up on the hills and far away it is dificult to get any good pictures. Here are a couple shots of homes closer to the water.

Notice the picture with the black angus cows in the lower right. When you click on this picture to enlarge it, you should see the Canadian geese in the lower left.

This picture is of some large manufacturing facility. Have not learned the details.

A nice boat by named "Lady Linda" passed us just before the Southern Railway Bridge near the town of Loudon, TN. After the railway bridge is highway US 11 that leads into town.

Along the river bank is a development in Loudon. If you don't mind your place looking just like your neighbors you could chose one of the white, two story units. River view would be great!

Past the white houses and on the opposite side of the river is a hughe plant. Our understanding is this plant brings in the corn by barge mostly from Indiana and breaks it into several products. Corn was being off loaded by a bucket shovel. The kernel is removed by a milling process. The inside of the kernel is processed into corn syrup. (It sure smelled sweet when passing by). The outside of the kernel is made into two by-products. One product is ethanol used as a gasoline additive. It is shipped by barge to Louisiana. The second by-product is pelletized corn gluten animal feed that is sold to the farmers.

The Fort Loudoun Lock & Dam is the last one on the Tennessee River. This lock is the second highest with a lift of 72 feet. Crossing over top the dam are U.S. 321 and Tennessee 95. This dam created Tellico Lake. A town called Lenoir City is located by the dam and marina. The marina is only 1/2 mile from the lock & dam.

Upon arrival at the Fort Loudoun Marina we spotted the "Lady Linda". Our assigned spot to tie up was directly in front of that 80' boat. It looked like a tight squeeze, but worked out okay.

What a handy arrangement. We put the dinghy in the water and went to the well known Calhoun Restaurant on site. Boats came and went from the restaurant while some of the folks stayed for the music at the Tiki Hut next door.

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