Friday, June 19, 2009


June 19, 2009---Just can't seem to get past the problems with Kohler generator. Had the serviceman (Ray) come to the boat with an oil pressure gauge. Found the pressure to be just fine at 65 psi. Remote digital readout showing 26 to 29 psi. Reinstalled the original oil pressure sensor. Remote digital readout 55 to 65 psi with lots of lower fluctuations. Ran the generator 7 hrs and it went down with the same LOP alarm. Restarted, it ran 30 mins and went down on LOP. Reinstalled the new oil sensor that had been reading low. It now reads the same as the old unit at 55 to 65 psi with lots of lower irradic readings. Ran 15 minutes and went down showing LOP (low oil press). Restarted the generator. Wonder how long it will run this time?

On a brighter note brother & I took a short ride on the dinghy to the Shady Grove Harbor fuel dock. Met the owners of the marina and had a good visit. Looking across Soddy Creek the "Dream Manor" can be seen swinging on the hook. Upstream the low highway bridge looks busy. It serves as a barrier to boats that require more than 15 to 17 feet of clearance.

It was plenty warm today with temperature reaching 95 degrees. Waited until evening to take the dinghy to the back of the slew where we are anchored. Caught one bass. Good for photo before releasing back into the water.

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Anonymous said...

At least you are not spending all your time fighting the generator.