Tuesday, June 16, 2009


June 15, 2009---Still laid back today. Did manage to move the boat over in front of the fuel dock to pump out the holding tank. After moving back to our designated tie down we made a trip to Chatanooga for some shopping. Of course a late lunch was on the agenda. We are making preparation to move the boat upstream tomorrow.

Taking pictures of the signs along I-24 is not easy when traveling 60 to 70 MPH.

Traffic slowed to a snails pace. We finally took an exit to get off I-24. After lunch and errands, on the return to the boat, traffic was still a mess in the east bound lanes.

We never learned the cause. Sure hope folks don't have to deal with that problem every day going to work.

Just for fun I added a video of some fish in the Aquarium that we visited on June 11th.

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