Tuesday, June 9, 2009


June 9, 2009---Left Jackson Co Park at Scottsboro, Alabama and made 4 miles back to the Tennessee River at mile 382.3. Continued up river at a comfortable rate of 9 MPH. The conditions were ideal with no wind and the water as calm. What a pleasant cruise! The tree covered hills are wonderful to see. The view continually changes as the "Dream Manor" cuts smoothly thru the water.

Passed under highway 35 where major work is being done. This looks to be a major connection which joins lots of rural areas thru Scottsboro to Huntsville. Another section of bridge is being added to replace the old bridge on the left.

Took a picture of the Bellefonte Plant towers that could be seen above the trees. Construction of this nuclear generating station in Hollywood, Alabama began in 1974 but the plant was never completed. According to the internet the two partially built 1256 megawatt units were mothballed in 1988. TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) is investigating completion of these units to start in sometime between 2017 and 2020.One unit is 88% complete and the other 58% after a cost of $6 billion.

The power plant with the tall stack is coal fired. There was a large supply of coal piled on the west side of the stack.

This railway bridge is a lift span. It looked low, but as we approached the footage on the column showed greater than 30' of clearance. Plenty of room. As we went underneath the man on duty shouted down that the clearance is 34.4 feet.

At mile 416.3 we went under a power line that is almost right on the Tennessee-Alabama line. There was a sense of excitement crossing into another state.

The highway bridge with the large arch is quite interesting. We have seen lots of bridges but not one just like this. It is the South Pittsburg highway bridge Tennessee 156.

Nickajack Lock at mile 424.7 lifted us 40 feet into the lake.

It was not long before passing under I-24 which goes to Chatanooga, TN. Just 2 miles past the interstate is Hales Bar Marina at mile 431. After some communications on the radio with the staff at the marina we got directed in and tied up to the outside of J-Dock. This ended a 48.7 mile trip today. Intentions are to stay here for about a week.

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