Friday, June 12, 2009


June 11, 2009---The Tennessee Aquarium is an important part of the Riverbend park complex. It is sure worth while to see the under the sea show in the Imax theatre about a block away, which is part of the aquarium experience. The freshwater building shown here is four stories tall. Arranged in a way that you take an escalator to the top floor and walk down. Around and around inside the structure there is an ever changing view of the large fish tanks. There is still a separate building which dispalys the salt water environment. Plan to spend at least four hours to really enjoy seeing all the exibits. The pictures shown here are just samples!

After the aquarium closed at 6:00 p.m. we got on the nearby trolly and went to see old "Choo-Choo". On top of the rail station (now hotel facility, resturant & museum) the words can be seen from a distance. In 1880 this train made history as the first passenger service from Cinncinatti to Chaattanooga. You can enjoy a meal in the diner car or book a room in a passenger car.

Today Carol & Allen have been married 46 years!

Took the trolly back to Riverbend Park. Since we had purchased pins to cover the week's festival, we got thru the entrance gate very quickly. Sun had already set and it was not long before this evenings main attraction hit the big stage. The B-52s came on strong! We lisitened for about an hour and decided it was time for old folks to return to the boat. Leaving a little early beats the heavy traffic.

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