Tuesday, June 23, 2009


June 23, 2009---Lots of sunshine this morning on Watts Bar Lake. The Barn Swallows showed no fear of our stationary watch dog, as they appeared to dive bomb him, and then land on the rails. Of course you know what birds do that requires some clean up!

There are no major towns around this lake. However this marina attracts attention as it has floating cabins for rent, bike trails, boat rentals, waterslide and other activities. There is a restaurant on site open 4 days a week, Thurs-Sun. According to the locals the marina name is pronounced "u-CHEE". The E is silent.

A couple of washers and dryers are available in a separate building. Maryann was glad for the opportunity to get the washing done.

Amber Fawcett has been working at Euchee for the past 3 years. She keeps a close watch on the fuel dock for customers while on the computer taking courses toward a college degree. One of her many goals is to become a private pilot.

We departed the peaceful setting and went a grand sum of 7 ¾ miles to an anchorage in a cove, on the north side of the lake, directly across from the Blue Springs Resort & Marina. No internet service. Had to finish the blog this morning.

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Looks like a nice beach.