Friday, July 2, 2010


July 1, 2010---Pulled anchor at Old Shawneetown. There was some debris in the river and the source was soon located. Wabash River flows into the Ohio at mile 848. That river is the boundary between Illinois and Indiana. The flow from the Wabash was rather wild. The current in the Ohio was about 5 mph & decreased 2 mph as soon as we passed the mouth of the Wabash. In another 2 miles we reached the J.T. Myers lock & dam. Had about an 1 1/2 hr wait while a tow was locked up thru the 600' chamber. It appeared the lift here was only about 12'. Above the lock the water was free from debris and much cleaner. At mile 842 Uniontown, KY was seen on the Starboard. Passed by Mount Vernon, Indiana at mile 829.5 on port side. Passed by Henderson, Ky at mile 802.

Pictures of Evansville, In as we approaced. This is the third largest city in Indiana with a population of 100,000.

The colorful looking boat is Casino Aztar.

Not far upstream from the casino is an attractive riverfront park area.

The LST is located at the entrance to Inland Marina. This is a WW2 landing craft that was built Evansville and served in the war. It was brought back here by a veterans group and is now open for visits.

Turning into the marina there was a small dredge in the middle of the opening. We had to park immediately along the fuel dock.

Today we traveled 66 miles in 8.8 hrs.

Evansville, IN as seen from land above the fuel dock.

Walkway at the Casino. Ate dinner at the casina and donated a few dollars to help keep Indiana green.

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