Wednesday, July 7, 2010


July 6, 2010---In downtown Owensboro walking along 2nd street is a must. You will have no problem spotting the Visitor center. They have a hall of fame that depicts some of the great people from the area such as muscians, football players, baseball players and race car drivers.

The Bluegrass Museum is fun to visit. There is a lot of history that is quite interesting. There are many talented and successful people from this area that made Bluegrass what it is today.

Went to another museum called Owensboro Museum of Science & History on 2nd street.

First thing spotted was an old fellow leaning against a vehicle about his age.

This display case full of dolls was notable as they represent all of the "First Ladies".

There is a lot of attention given to local drivers of motorcycles, race cars and boats.

Buffalo eyeing a target.


Don said...

I'm a little surprised at how much time your taking in Owensboro but love the curiosity and joy you bring to every place you visit.

Anonymous said...

We are professional tourists via water & land! :-)
The 4 McGees