Monday, July 12, 2010


July 12, 2009---Continued up the Ohio River to Louisville, KY. Seemed different approaching on the water and reflecting on the times we had been here by vehicle. A most memorable trip was to the National Houseboat Expo here in 2008. That is when we got to see our new boat on display in the show. Pictures can still be viewed on Gibson Boat 's web site.

Various shots of the Louisville skyline.

The sky was cloudy and it may look a little dreary, but it was really very nice in the upper 80's with no wind.

On the east side of Louisville we located Admiral Marina sheltered behind Six Mile Island in Jeffersonville, Indiana.

Went behind the boats in the narrow opening and slid carefully into our assigned slip. Sure glad there was no wind!

Keith promptly got a rental car and we began to explore Jeffersonville Indiana. First thing we did was locate Schimpffs. This business has been making candy for 122 years. Needless to say they are experts! You can really satisfy your sweet urges here. It is also fun to look at the museum part of the store.

After having candy for dessert we drove around and found Sonny's Island Grill on the river, where a nice lunch was enjoyed by all.

While eating we could see City of Jeffersonville amphitheatre on the water. According to the posting a musical group plays here on Friday nights.

Some of the bushes were cut in the shape of animals.

Keith was seen gazing at the Ohio river thinking about where we would go next. Today was a little shorter on the water as we had only come 32 miles in 4 hours. The marina is located at mile marker 598. This means to reach Pittsburg there are 598 water miles left.

Short video - arrival in Louisville.


Anonymous said...

That candy store looks like fun and I really like your new picture.
Also, love the T-shirts!

Anonymous said...

maybe we can catch up with you at Pier 99 marina this weekend just abpve markland dam (next one)Keith Jeffries. let us know