Sunday, July 4, 2010


July 3, 2010---The boat tied up behind us at Owensboro Marina is a Monticello River Yacht. Owner Jim Henry invited us to ride along on an excursion about 8 miles down river. His Captain Brian Stratton bringing the boat back to the marina with Owensboro, KY in the background. They had been entertaining a group of doctors today.

After picking us up at the marina along with a group of Jim's family and friends, the 8 mile trip downriver was smooth. There were a number of boats along Little Hurricane Island. A soft landing was made on the beach to pick up a couple more passengers.

Continued to French Island Marina behind French Island #1 on the Indiana shore. We tied up to the fuel barge to load more passengers.

After taking on the last of the passengers, Captain Brian manuevered the boat out to the middle of the waterway and set anchor. The third deck added on to the Monticello creates a high vantage point for viewing.

Anchored nearby was a barge load of people with plenty of
American flags flying

Lots of boats were secured along the Indiana shore line.

Sky was clear, water was calm and no wind made for a great evening to view the fireworks.

Fireworks were shot off the point of French Island #2.

After the fireworks display eveyone had a fun visit and we returned to Owensboro, KY. The night ride was very pleasant. Many thanks to Jim Henry for a delightful evening. He is certainly a great host.


Anonymous said...

how far up the Ohio are you going. we are currently docked at pier 99 off the river at mile 530 just above markland dam. we have the boat listed below yours on the gibson life page. we will be there until the end of July otherwise we are at Lighthouse Point marina mile 498.7. PLease look us up Cotton Jenny III Mary Jane and Keith Jeffries

McGees Adventures said...

We plan to be in Louisville around July 14th. After a 3 or 4 day stay will be enroute to your area. May catch you at Pier 99. Looking forward to seeing you folks.