Thursday, July 22, 2010


July 22, 2010---After a great stay at Turtle Creek we left the marina behind us.

Rains in the past few days changed the appearance of the Ohio River.

There was lots of debris to maneuver around. Pictures do not tell the whole story as generally only the biggest pieces are seen in the camera. However there are lots of smaller pieces that would damage props.

Town of Rising Sun, Indiana has a small city dock near the downtown area at mile 506.2. The urge for lunch caused us to stop.

Walking up the ramp we were met by a van from the Grand Victoria Casino. Driver was a fine gentleman with a wealth of information. He gave us a ride to a nearby restaurant

Wall paintings represent history of the area from 1814 to 2014.

Empire house is 1816 construction.

This log cabin was constructed about 1798 and became an early post office in Rising Sun around 1815.

The Overlook Whitlock Memorial is a small park with lots of meaning, honoring Veterans.
River Queen paddle wheel boat was operating on the Rising Sun riverfront. Passengers were paying for short trips in the area.

Keith is getting the Dream Manor ready to go.

Left the city dock, a short distance upriver Rising Sun pavilion was neat to see from the water.

Just upriver from town we passed the Grand Victoria Casino boat. Having been in a casino several times in Florence we just waved and went on by this one!

At mile 498.7 we turned port and went up Laughery Creek 3/10 mile to Lighthouse Point Yacht Club. The lighthouse and sign are not readily seen from the marina. These things are located near the office.
Only traveled 30.3 miles today. But spending 4 hours dodging around debris was enough to wear down the captains. Plan to make the last leg to Cincinnati tomorrow.

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You folks sure are doing this trip the right way! I am thoroughly enjoying your blog.