Tuesday, July 27, 2010


July 27, 2010---Spent the day in Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal. It is not practical to cover this wonderful museum in one day! Just the section titled Cincinnati History Museum takes most of the day. We will have to go back to see more during our stay in this area as the Natural History & Science section looks equally interesting.

Such detail in the model city of Cincinnati display. It looks real in these pictures. Miniature railways are in operation throughout the display.

Very good coverage of the role Cincinnatians played in World War II. Note the price of gasoline was 19 cents in 1943. Rationing took place all across the country.

Several tribes of Native Americans were in this area during early settlement.

Cincinnati was known as "The Instant City" because it grew so rapidly in the 1800's.

Enjoyed a good visit with Bill Hindman. He was in the machine shop to provide visitors with information. Lots of history about the machines developed in the area. He has also traveled the Ohio River many times on the Delta Queen steamship when it operated on the Ohio and Mississippi. He was a wealth of information.

Back at the Manhatten Harbour some of the local boaters gather on Tuesday evenings for a private visit because the marina is closed on Tuesdays. Enjoyed getting acquainted with these folks.

Video on left shows a gentleman operating an old printer, He is printing cards today.
The other video shows some of the miniature trains operating in the model city of Cincinnati.

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