Wednesday, June 30, 2010


June 30, 2009---Spent some time taking pictures at Golconda Marina.

Dream Manor looks great in any marina!

The Shawnee Water Taxi was parked at Golconda and left the marina while we got ready for departure. Later as we cruised up river we met the taxi coming back from somewhere with passengers.

Saw the 15 car ferry crossing the Ohio River at mile 881. On the Kentucky side it unloads on highway 91 which goes south to Marion. We visited the Amish community around Marion by land on June 25th. It was about a 1 hour drive from Green Turtle Bay. It took 11 hours by boat to get back to the same area via the Cumberland and Ohio rivers.

This gazebo greets river travelers as they near Elizabeth Town, IL at mile 889.5

At mile 880.5 Cave in Rock is located on the Illinois side of the river. There was no place to safely tie the Dream Manor near the cave. So we chose a spot to anchor behind Cave in Rock Island on the Kentucy side of the river. Got the dinghy down (Little Dreamer) and traveled across the Ohio River to see the cave.

Crossing the river the opening of the cave can clearly be seen as a large hole in the cliff. The opening is about 55 feet wide. Pulled the dinghy up on the shore to get it out of the current.

Looking at the cave opening from the outside and inside.

Keith & Maryann in the largest room in the cave. The cave is not very long, but very historic. French explorers discovered the cave in 1729. The cave became a lair for notorious villains. Pirates used the cave before the turn of the 19th century. Other cave outlaws used the cave for many years. Lots of river travelers were murdered by the bad characters who used this cave. Around 1830 the cave outlaws and river pirates had been driven out so people could safely travel the river.
We loaded the dingy back on Dream Manor and went up river another 23 miles to Old Shawneetown, IL. At the lower end of Shawneetown Island we set anchor for the night. Total of 45 miles traveled today in 6.8 hours. With the stop at Cave in Rock average speed today was 6.6 mph.


Don said...

Greetings McGees! I came across your blog via the Gibson website and your Houseboat magazine Feature.

You folks are literally living my dream! I hope to buy a Gibson in a few years to being exploring.

I started at the beginning of your blog and have read every post. I especially love the details about the boat, maintenance, fuel consumption, life on the water, etc. Thank you so much for taking the time to keep this blog up and sharing your adventures with us.

I live in St Louis and grew up in Southwest Illinois by St Louis.

I hope one day to visit with your lucky folks and see your beautiful boat.

I'm green with envy! Enjoy nothing but safe travel and have a great holiday weekend.

Anonymous said...

I finally had time to read the article about your trip on the Gibson houseboat website. An FYI~the further north you travel on the Ohio, convenient laundry facilities are hard to find.......

Miss Nauti

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Miss Nauti. We will use our rental car to do laundry in Owensboro tomorrow. Happy 4th!
4th McGee of Dream Manor :-)