Sunday, July 25, 2010


July 24, 2010---Cincinnati as viewed across the Ohio River from Newport, KY.

Blue colored bridge converted to walking only. This allows foot traffic to cross from KY to OH.

Dayton, Kentucky is where Manhatten Harbour is located.

A very popular marina with about 400 boats. There is also lots of expansion development taking place on land for future apartments and condos. Parks are also planned.

Band playing by the pool at the marina.

Pool not so busy now, but earlier today it was full of people.

One of our faithful readers asked about the props we are using. After several changes we have settled on 20" dia x27 pitch w/cups. Performance is very good. Traveling up the Ohio River we are averaging 8.8 mph at 2150 rpm. Fuel consumption averages 7.82 gals/hr which gets us 1.05 mpg. No telling how little amount of fuel will be required when we travel down river this fall!
The reconditioned 20x22's w/ cups are on board are for sale.

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Don said...

Thanks so much folks for the prop info as well as the fuel economy info. I'm very interested in that kind of information as it's my dream to do exactly as you are on my very own Gibson.