Tuesday, July 27, 2010


July 26, 2010---Pictures of one of the bridges over the Ohio River. Reading the signs to make sure whether we are coming or going!

Colorful pig

Levee above the Manhattan Harbour marina. Walking path with occasional seating.

Soil compaction on point just downriver from the marina. This area being developed with a park and various family dwellings as part of the marina expansion.

Sometimes there is a need to do some work around the boat. After cleaning the strainers for the three air conditioning units, one of the workers was caught recuperating.


Anonymous said...

hehehe sooo cute sleeping! daddy wake up... we have grass to mow!!! If cleaning A/C filters gets you that tired I couldn't imagine you being back here at home helping to keep up with all the mowing and weeds!!!! love you guys!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your cute comments, Trapper. Great to hear from you!
The Phantom Picture-Taker
(Aunt Maryann)