Sunday, July 25, 2010


July 25, 2010---These pictures very likely have more meaning to the photograhers than other people. But, we wanted to share with you anyway. These pictures were taken in Campbell County Kentucky in and near the city of Alexandria, Kentucky.

It was really fun to make the 15 mile drive south from Manhatten Marina to see a school. It was a special trip because Keith, Allen and Carol graduated from Campbell County High School. Not this school though. We graduated from Campbell County High School located in Gillette, Wyoming! The county in Wyoming where we were raised on ranchs is Campbell County, located in what is widely known as the Powder River Basin where there are numerous open pit coal mines. The mascot for both schools is the camel. School colors are very much alike as they both use purple and gold.


Ronald said...

Just wanted to post a comment stating that is was great meeting Allen and Keith @ Manhattan Harbour. I too own a 1988 44' Gibson here @ the Harbour. Looking forward to living vivariously through your adventures. Will be following you on-line.

RoN Friend

Degaje said...

I was referred to your blog just today while reseaching a trip for next year from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh and back in our 47' Harbormaster. I will definitely check your blog as you go up river!