Tuesday, July 6, 2010


July 4, 2010---Hope everyone celebrated a great 4th! Dream Manor is still tied to the dock with Owensboro, KY in the background.
"BB" is still watching the boat while the 4mcgees travel the land.

We heard about the famous Moonlite Inn. The buffet here is terrific! No wonder the political dignitaries stop here when they are in town.
Lamb is a specialty, but there are so many other good things to choose from it is best to come with a big appetite.

An old Farmall tractor was on display in front of the Moonlite. It is the vintage that my brother and I farmed with as kids when we grew up on the plains of northeast Wyoming.

Downtown on Frederica Street in the 2100 block is a very old Sassafras tree. Sign says the circumference is 16 feet. However that was in 1968. This tree may be the largest of its kind in the world. Circumference now exceeds 21 feet.

Maryann and Carol give some idea how large the tree really is.

On the river front preparations were being made for the evenings performance. Signs were in place and the band was checking out their equipment.

There is a major development project along the river that will be great sometime in the future.

Toward evening the public boat launch got very busy as folks put their boats in the Ohio River and got in position to watch the fireworks. Notice the height of the pilings that allow the walkway to rise with the flood waters.

We chose to watch from our boat in the marina. The night was clear and the fireworks were great.
Sorry there are no fireworks pictures or videos this time. As camera operator there was a glitch between the camera and the operator.

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