Friday, September 18, 2009


Sept. 18, 2009---Plan is to spend a few days here at Gallatin Marina. The weather was absolutely wonderful today! Hard to imagine how difficult the trip was the past three days in the rain and all the debris.

Performed some maintenance chores today. Cleaned the screens that strain the sea water on the main engines and the generator. Cleaned the screens for the three air conditioner units. Having run in so much trash for 80 miles yesterday all the screens were in need of attention.

Spent some time today doing Sudoku puzzles. Since there were no comments on August 21st when #247 was put on the blog, I had rather forgotten about the solution. My wife (Carol) said there is a need to publish the results. She had been attempting to solve the puzzle and needed assistance!
This was a rather difficult puzzle. If anyone is interested in puzzles on the blog, respond with comments. Would be happy to start out with easier puzzles and gradually work up to greater difficuluty levels.

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thanks for the answers.