Saturday, September 12, 2009


Sept. 12, 2009---Waited for the fog to clear while we took on diesel fuel and pumped out the holding tank. Somewhat anxious to run the boat as it has been seven days since arriving at the Gallatin Marina.

In the background of the picture on the right is TVA's Gallatin Steam Plant. It also shows much of the terrain is low level with few hills.

The vertical tower transfers coal from the barges to the power plant.

There were several barges full of coal waiting nearby.

Cumberlin River had a few people on board the attractive pontoon boat..

Here is the best view of the power plant as seen near mile 244.

These folks waved as though excited to see someone besides the bass fishermen who were having a tournament.
Notice the flags on this vessel.

Old Hickory Lake is not as large as the lakes on the Tennessee River. Much of the travel now is more like a winding river. Sometimes the rock walls made it appear as though it might be a dead end.

Turned to starboard at mile 263.8 and entered Cedar Creek. A sign near the entrance indicates this is the Old Hickory Wildlife area.
Looking back toward the Cumberland River.

Campsite appears to have been there for quite some time.

Chose an area just off the creek channel in about 8' of water to drop the anchor. Got a good set and enjoyed a great evening. The weather cleared and the water was calm. A boat launch and pier nearby had several people fishing and having fun in the water. Today's travel was just 27 miles. At 7.5 MPH (1450) RPM) it was a pleasant ride. We sure did not want to exert ourselves!

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