Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Sep. 1, 2009---Moved the boat directly across the Cumberland River to the dock on the west bank. This is considered the city side of the river. We have shore power here and it is just a short walk to the downtown restaurants.

Reconstructed Fort Nashborough is about 3 blocks from the boat.

The Fort was constructed in 1779 primarily to protect land claims.

Cherokee Indians attacked the settlers in this area for about 14 years before making peace.

The individual leaning in the doorway may have been an early settler!

Drove to Portland Tennessee about 40 miles north of Nashville.
That is the new home of the Gibson boat plant. They have been building boats here since they reopened in the spring of 2007, after their facility in Goodlettsville was destroyed by a tornado. It was great to visit with Bill Brummet III and Tom Austin. They did a great job of constructing our 16' x 59' vessel in early 2008. We certainly enjoy living and traveling in the "Dream Manor". Perhaps you have noticed some pride as we delight in showing pictures of the boat and having people come aboard for a look.
Little John from St. Charles, MO was at the plant installing stainless steel rails on a new Gibson boat. It was fun to see little John. He installed the rails on our boat when it was built and did a terrific job of installing the davit for us last fall.

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