Saturday, September 5, 2009


Sep. 4, 2009---Decided it was time to leave Nashville and see more country. Looking over the shoulder Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge makes quite an arch with the city in the background.

Not far upriver is a large cement plant unloading sand. There were a number of tows going past each day in Nashville hauling various products. The number of tows has increased suggesting an improvement in the economy.

Seaboard Systems RR bridge had a short train passing over.

Found the General Jackson and Music City Queen paddle wheel boats waiting for passengers at their Opryland dock. General Jackson is 300' long and one of the largest show boats in the country. Trees prevented any viewing of Opryland, but it is notable that the river makes a great loop around this area. It is 9 river miles where it is just 1 mile to cross the neck on land. In other words at a rate of 9 mph it took us 1 hour to progress forward 1 mile!

Talk about a boat launch! Look at the way the pontoon boat is lowered down the cliff on rails.

Met a paddle wheel tug boat. This is the only one we have seen anywhere. It had a for sale sign on the side if anyone is interested in a classic.

Look in the open area above the cliff where there are not so many trees. Then look at a close up in the next picture below. Talk about a roof decoration. That has to be the ultimate!

Came to Old Hickory Lock at mile 216.2 on the Cumberland River. There was a split tow in the lock and we had a two hour wait.
This lock and dam was built Jan 1952 thru June 1954. Full beneficial operation began in 1957 with completion of the final hydroelectric unit. Lift was 60' taking us up from Cheatham Lake to Old Hickory Lake.

Today's travel was 45.6 miles to Station Camp Creek. We turned to port at mile 236.6 and went up the creek about 1 mile to Gallatin Marina. We plan to stay here for a few days. It is just a 19 mile drive from here to Gibson's plant in Portland, TN. There are a few incidentals changes we are going to have them take care of on our boat.

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