Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sept. 14, 2009---Morning at the anchorage behind Bartlett's Bar was very calm as the sun began to rise. Notice the change in colors of the three pictures. Top right was 1, immediately below it was 2 and the one on the left is 3.

The water level was up this morning as there was not as much of the sand showing. It was so calm the reflections were awesome.

Look at the picture on the right. You thought it was not possible to mark a location on the water! Actually it is the reflection of two jet streams whose paths were perpendicular to each other forming a neat "T" on the water.

Some areas of the Cumberland River appear to end as the river narrowed to 200' and the water depth was 12'.

In these narrow areas there was a lot of debri caught on the tips of islands. It suggests at times the water really rushes thru here. There are indications the water depth can vary rapidly as much as six feet.

The wake of the boat created an interesting pattern at the base of the rock cliff.

A large downed tree trunk sticking out from the bank looked like some kind of monster ready to attack.

This bridge is highway 53 that links the town of Carthage with Interstate 40 which is 5 miles south from here. Carthage, TN is the county seat of Smith County. This is the hometown of former Vice President Al Gore where he made his vice-presidential bid from the steps of the Smith County Courthouse. There was only a glimpse of the small town as it was hidden behind the trees. Population is less than three thousand.

Cordell Hull Lock & Dam is in a beautiful setting at the base of a Tennessee mountain (hill) at mile 313.5 on the Cumberland. The lift was 59' and the first view of Cordell Lake was great.

We traveled 32.4 miles today and reached Hurricane Creek.
This turned out to be a fine anchorage with lots of room.
A fisherman passed by in a small boat that was cleverly named "My Yacht".
We had a restful time here as the area was well protected from the wind.

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