Friday, September 4, 2009


Sep. 3, 2009---Took a one hour bus ride in downtown Nashville. The narrator did an excellent job of describing the various structures along the way. There are many wonderful churches and other buildings.

These flags are along 1st Ave & Broadway next to the waterfront. It is about a block from where we caught the bus.

The Bicentennial Park is quite magnificent with the columns and the world globe. A wall depicts the history of Nashville from the 1800's to present.

The Parthenon is patterened after the original in Greece. It is said to be within 1/8" of original and the Greeks came for a copy of the prints to restore theirs.

What the bus tour actually did was show there is a lot more of Nashville that we should take time to explore sometime.

Broadway St has many honky tonks where a lot of the country western stars were discovered.

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