Friday, September 25, 2009


Sept. 24, 2009---Foggy morning! Having completed all the projects on our to-do list, we are anxious to get on the river. It was about 10:30 a.m. before the fog lifted and we got underway.

Gallatin Marina was clear as we finally pulled away.

Near daymark 228.6 on the Cumberland River, in the area of Gallatin, TN are the remains of a large structure.

This is Johnny Cash's home that burned down April 10, 2007.
For those familiar with youtube---here are two of the many videos available about the home and fire. Just click on the links to view.

Water flowing over the Old Hickory Lock and Dam.

Don't know what they were attempting to lift, but the operation looked interesting. The diver had attached a couple of flotation devices to something under water.

Several pictures of the Dream Manor back in Nashville. Having been there for several days before, it was almost like coming home. There were several boats docked on the city side of the river where power is available.

Not a problem for us to dock on the stadium side. The generator is working great. We shut it down when we are sleeping.

The new props definitely stopped the slight vibration that had been felt on the boat. It is really smooth traveling now!

Entering Old Hickory Lock there was a lot of noise from water flowing over the dam. Flooding upstream caused a need to release water. Notice the fishermen running their boats against the strong current near the base of the falls and floating back rapidly. Looks risky in that violent moving water!

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