Sunday, September 13, 2009


Sept. 12, 2009---Additional pictures taken on the 12th as we made our way up the Cumberland River.

Several duck blinds were seen along the way.

Shear cliffs line the waterway in many places. Water is often 50 to 70 feet deep. Geologists would likely be able to estimate how many millions of years it has taken to erode the rock.

This large, laid over tree, suggests there has been swift current at some time. We have been told the water level in the narrow part of the river may fluctuate rapidly as much as 7' depending on power needs and dam control.

After we anchored, about 1 mile off the river in Cedar Creek, the cattle came to drink. It is not often we see any livestock along the waterways.

There appears to be some good grazing areas along Cedar Creek past the boat launch and pier.
In case you are tracking our movement on a highway map, look about 10 miles north of Lebanon, TN and 15 miles southeast of Gallatin, TN.

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