Sunday, September 27, 2009


Sept. 27, 2009---Sunshine! Left Nashville about 11:00 a.m. The water looked inviting, but there was still lots of debris. Had to maneuver around many large pieces. Current was about 3 MPH.

At mile 189 on the Cumberland River is the Baptist World Center. The large spire is very distinctive.

Apparently because of all the rain, an area behind the trees is overflowing which created a neat waterfall.

Trinity Ashland City, Tennesse. This firm apparently builds large barges. Beams can be seen where the barges are slid into the river.

Not far down river from the town of Ashland City there was a gathering of people in the water. The net is apparently used for some exciting water volley ball. We had noticed the net when we traveled up the river a few weeks ago, but no one was there at the time.

After traveling 38 miles in 4.6 hours we turned port at mile 153.0 to go up the Harpeth River. About half a mile in there is a great open area to anchor. Notice the rode (anchor line) is tight. Current is 1 or 2 MPH keeping the boat rather straight in the river. Water depth is 9', which works well for anchoring.

In the video below I mentioned a 360 view, however it is more like 180 as the sun was too bright to face with the camera.

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