Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sept. 15, 2009---Not so nice this morning as it had been raining for several hours.

About 10:00 a.m. we decided to leave Hurricane Creek and continue on our quest.

Cloud layers were at the hill tops and fog lingered along the face.

Wispy fog and gray cloud cover.

Having spent three nights on the hook there was a need to replenish the fresh water suppy. We stopped at the Granville Boat Dock and Marina. There was still a light rain as we filled the fresh water tank.

About mile 344 the channel was lined with cattails. These are the first we have seen.

A touch of fall in the air as trees are beginning to show their new colors.

The weather began to clear toward evening.

After traveling 28.6 miles we reached Roaring River. Not sure where the roar comes in as there is practically no current! Turned to port and went about a mile up the river. It is interesting our chart plotter does not show this river. See the boat in the middle of the chart. It appears to be crossing a road! The river shown coming in on the left and going out the top is the Cumberland River. Sure glad the data is very reliable most of the time. This anchorage is about 3 miles from the little town of Gainesboro, TN.
It is rather amusing to watch the Anhinga birds take to flight. They generally have to flap the water several times with their wings before getting airborne. The video shows 4 of them taking off from dead trees along the waterway.

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