Thursday, September 17, 2009


Sept. 17, 2009---It started raining at 2:00 a.m. Seems to be difficult to get a good night's sleep when the rain is pounding on the sun deck. The rain let up about 7:00 a.m. Weighed anchor and left Defeated Creek where areas designated for swimming had no takers this early in the morning and this late in the season.

Went past Defeated Creek Marina on the way to the main channel. The marina was full so anchorage chosen was about 1/2 mile above there.

By the time we got to Cordell Hull lock the rain had increased again. It made the lock appear rather uninviting.

It was my turn to hold the line on the floating mooring bitt. Once the wrap was made I stepped inside while we went down 59'. Water was let out of the lock quite rapidly so I made an attempt to show some of the decent in the short video below.

Downstream of the lock was a nightmare! There was so much debris floating there was no way to miss all of it.

It took both of us watching to avoid as much of the debris as possible.

We took turns operating rather often as the trip really wore on the nerves, knowing that at any time damaged props could render us helpless.

Look at the flow around the leaning stick. Split flow shows how violent the water was moving. It was running 5 to 6 MPH!

The incredible amount of debris results from all the rainfall that feeds the Cumberland River.

Many times we had to take the engines out of gear and float over debris that extended bank to bank. Sometimes we could zig zag around most of it.

Worst kind of floaters are those so water logged they are mostly underwater and may not be seen. Keeping trapped debris removed from beneath the swim platform required constant vigilance. Sometimes stopping and reversing the engines would kick the small logs from underneath the platform.

It was a relief to reach the small island where the trees are loaded with birds. That is mile 236.6 where we turned port and traveled about a mile up Station Camp Creek to the Gallatin Marina.

Todays nerve wracking trip covered 80 miles in 10 hours. We were really glad to return to Gallatin with only a small amount of vibration. It will be necessary to get the props replaced sometime in the near future.
We anchored out the last 5 nights. That is the same number of times we anchored out all of 2008. It is time to be at a marina and give the generator a rest.

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Glad I wasn't with you. That looks really nasty.
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