Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Sept. 23, 2009---WC Brummett III is President of Gibson Boats, better known as "Bill." He & his wife Mitzi, introduced us to three fine gentlemen they brought to Gallatin Marina. Brady Kay is the Executive Editor for Harris Publishing Company. Steve Sargent works in sales for Harris Publishing. Randy O'Malia handles communications and advertising for Gibson.

We had the pleasure of giving those three a 25 mile cruise on the "Dream Manor". It was a wonderful 3 1/2 hours. The Cumberland River was pleasant in spite of clouds and threats of rain. Our pride must have shown as brother & I took turns handling the boat.

Steve listened intently as we talked about our boat travels and experiences over the past seventeen months since purchasing the new fifty-nine hundred series Gibson.

Randy was content to ride along enjoying the smooth ride and taking in the conversations.

Maryann prepared sandwiches for lunch. We then operated from inside the main cabin to eat and enjoy the quiet interior.

Upon returning to the marina, Brady, Steve & Randy said their goodbyes. The next part of our plan was to have them drive to the Martha-Gallatin Highway Bridge. That is State highway 109 bridge crossing the Cumberland River on the south side of Gallatin, TN. We took the "Dream Manor" up the river 2 1/2 miles to the bridge so pictures could be taken as we passed under. By the time we arrived Brady and Steve had walked up the bridge to be in position. We maneuvered around slowly for still shots. They called to have us run wide open for videos. Once their task was completed they called on the cell and thanked us again for our cooperation.

My apologies to Brady for not having taken a picture of him for the blog. I was busy watching him take pictures. Hopefully some of his work will be available later on.

Brady reported that he & Steve live in Idaho Falls. That is where Houseboat magazine is based. The Harris Publishing Company started there nearly 40 years ago. The founder started producing agricultural magazines and snowmobile magazines in the 70's and as the business grew Mr. Harris looked for other niches in the industry, which led to his love of houseboating on Lake Powell.

Gibson advertizes in Houseboat magazine. The McGees are looking forward to seeing the "Dream Manor" in future publications. We certainly enjoyed the day. Gibson personnel and the publishing folks made us feel like CELEBRITIES! Our thanks to all of them.

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