Thursday, August 6, 2009


Aug. 4, 2009---Weighed anchor and traveled the remaining 18 miles up the Hiwassee River to mile 20.5. The river comes from the mountains in North Carolina, but this is the end of the navigational channel.

At mile 15.4 is the I-75 Bridge. From there both sides of the river are lined with chemical and paper industries. U.S. Highway 11 crosses the river at mile 18.6. That was the main highway connecting Chattanooga and Knoxville before I-75 was built. Saw some whitetail deer near the chemical plant. One was close enough for a quick shot. Look quick to see it on the video. Upon reaching the end of the navigational channel we turned around and went down river the 20.5 miles to the Tennessee River.

Went up river 4.5 miles to day mark 504.4 on the Tennessee River. Turned to port and entered
the Little Richland Creek. The creek is narrow but well marked. Idle speed is necessary for the 2 miles to Dayton. There was moss in the creek and it was important to stay in the middle of the channel.

Upon reaching town there is a small marina that happened to have an opening on the end of the dock where we eased in and tied up for the night. We walked into town to get acquainted and had dinner at the local deli. Dayton is the home of the famous Scopes evolution trial in 1925. Total distance today was 45 miles.

There were some anxious moments when a hard wind hit about 9:00 p.m. and began to move boats rather violently. We tied some extra lines to the old dock and pilings and were relieved when the front passed by!

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