Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Aug. 11, 2009---Spent the day near the golf course and marina.

The weather began to deteriorate so we chose to weigh anchor and move to the marina dock. We tied several lines for security.

Dan was handling the dingy on a scouting trip around the marina. Upon returning Keith was standing carefully in preparation to dock at the "Dream Manor".
Tow Boat U.S. has a rescue boat stationed at this marina as we have seen in other marinas. Fortunately we have not required their towing service.

Ate dinner at the nearby restaurant called "The Docks". "BB" (boat boxer) was seen on a nearby table.

Some of the equipment at the marina looked like it could be used in farming. It is used to break up the lilys that grow so rapidly they choke off the access channel.

The black sky showed promise of rain and wind. Luckily it broke up and passed with minimum diturbance.

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