Thursday, August 13, 2009


Aug. 12, 2009---Departed Goose Pond Marina. Traveled 26.5 miles down the Tennessee River.

Looking back across the lake a glimpse of Guntersville, AL could be seen at the foot of the mountains. Highway 79 bridge from Scottsboro was on the left side of the picture. It is 6 1/2 miles from Guntersville to Goat Island which is a popular weekend spot.

Approaching Goat Island the opening to pass behind the island appeared small. Actually there was plenty of room to manuver between the rocky ledges.

Anna proved she was skillful at catching fish!

Seen in the dingy, Anna was waiting patiently for a ride to go see the Gray Bats.

Near the bat cave the sun began to set. looking down stream toward Guntersville Lock and Dam there was a pinkish glow on the water.
It is just a little more than one mile from the lock to the cave.
BB watched closely for the bats. Just after dark they came out of the cave as was expected.

A wonderful writing by Anna:
Woof! I am B.B. that is short for Boat Boxer. I have a very important job and an interesting home. I take care of the McGees. We all live on the Dream Manor. My main job is to be on the lookout for noisy, messy birds. As the appointed boat guard, I see many fascinating people and places. My favorite spot on is up on deck. When we get under way I can see the wide river and all the amazing sites along the bank. Just in the last few days I have seen a nuclear power plant, several bridges, barges, and the occasional blue heron or two. (Don’t worry, those “Scruffies” never got anywhere near my boat!)
Every night we weigh anchor along a quiet shore or in a busy marina. The sights and smells are always different. Tonight we will go to the “Bat Cave, ” no, I am not joking or talking about a masked guy with a cape. We are going to watch as young grey bats leave their cave to feast on the plentiful supply of bugs along the Tennessee River at Goat Island. That should be interesting; especially since one of the guests has decided that I might be getting bored on board and has been taking me on land trips! Right now the Captains, Allen and Keith are maneuvering us into a safe spot to anchor for the evening.We didn’t go far today. Everybody left the Goose Pond Colony Marina for lunch and then at about three and we cast off and now we’ve already anchored out for the night.

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