Sunday, August 30, 2009


Aug. 27, 2009---Crystal rose with the sun. She enjoyed the solitude of the still water and warming rays.

This was travel day as we left Green Turtle Bay and went up the Cumberland River 58.8 miles to mile 90.5. A nice spot behind Dover Island was selected to anchor.

At mile 43 the Kentucky State Prison was on the port side. Known as the "Castle on the Cumberland," is the state’s only maximum security male facility.
Completed in 1886, it is Kentucky's oldest prison facility

Picture on the left was taken as we approached daymark 77.4 early in the afternoon. It is important because we leave Kentucky and enter Tennessee at that mile marker.

After setting anchor behind Dover Island we put the dinghy in the water and took a little ride to see the wildlife. The Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge extends along the river here for about 11 miles. We covered about 2 miles on our sight seeing mission. You won's see all of the birds in the pictures shown, but it has been a good day to view our feathered friends. Canadian Geese, Osprey, Reddish Egret, Anhinga, Cormorants and Black Vultures were seen today. Geese on the left may have been domestic. The black vultures on the right were mixed in with them.

Tied the dinghy to a small tree and took a walk on old battle ground.
This is the part of Ft. Donelson that can be seen from the river. From this location Confederate soldiers
fired at the Union fleet. Hopefully the signs will enlage so more of the story can be read.

This sight is very close to the town of Dover, TN. There is no place to dock so we did not go into town.

Carrying method on the right was used to take pictures of the various signs when nessary for better lighting.

White tail deer on the right watched us closely.
Tom and Crystal look small against the cannon.

Even thou you may not be able to tell for sure, the large bird on the left is a Bald Eagle.

The "Dream Manor" waited patiently for us to return.
We loaded the dinghy back up in preparation for a long day tomorrow.

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