Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Search & Rescue
 July 25, 2012---Some excitement in the area. Apparently a young man and woman jumped into the river late last night while running from police. Several law officers and news media personnel were on location this morning. Word is those two were located and okay. Still looking for another man who jumped in early this morning. Details are hard to come by. Did not effect the opportunity for the 4 mcgees to cross the river and enjoy a fine dinner on the Delta Queen. 
Evidence Response Team
Fun to ponder what it may have been like to travel on such a majestic ship! Not anxious for a long walk, an Enterprise rental car was the answer.

Homicide Unit

Carol & Allen

Keith & Maryann

Allen & Carol

Maryann & Keith

Dream Manor in the distance as
seen from Delta Queen

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