Saturday, July 28, 2012


Well said!
July 28, 2012---Another busy day. Drove over market St. Bridge to north shore of Tennessee River. Enjoyed breakfast buffet on the Delta Queen. Carol and Maryann began exploring the many craft shops on Frazier Street. Keith and Allen returned the Enterprise rental car and got a ride back to north shore. Checked out the shopping until after noon. Took a shuttle back over to downtown Chattanooga for lunch. Back to the boat for a restful afternoon. Napping has a high priority for some of the McGees. Watched Rescue load some man into the ambulance. The individual was partially sitting up and was moving around. No idea of his actual condition. For a short time the weather got rough. Dark black clouds built up quickly. Wind blew some hard gusts. It all passed and the evening was beautiful
Chief John Ross Drawbridge
commonly called Market Street Bridge

Took Market Street Bridge to North shore.
Interesting art on Frazier St.

Many shops on Frazier St
where most anything can be found.

Leg lamp as seen in the
Christmas Story movie.

Chattanooga Fire-Rescue passing by
the Dream Manor about 3:20 p.m.

Rescue boat docked behind the
Ambulance. A man was placed on a
stretcher and loaded in the Ambulance.

Just about 30 minutes after the
Ambulance departed, wind blew,
water got rough and rain pounded
down for 20 minutes.

Visibility deteriorated during the squall.

Rain Rain Rain

By evening wind stopped blowing.
Water calmed and sunset was

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