Sunday, July 8, 2012


 July 7, 2012---Another wonderful day of travel. Smooth water, clear skys and a gentle breeze made navigation from the fly bridge a good experience. Traveled 7 hours and went thru 4 locks each with a lift of 30 feet for a total of 120' today. Locks were Aberdeen 357.5, Amory 371.1, Wilkens 376.3 and Fulton at 391.0. Arrived Midway Marina at 4:00 p.m. Total distance today was 59 miles.  Ken and Carol who live at the marina and work there part time, met us and helped tie our lines. After filling the fresh water tank we used the courtesy van and drove about 5 miles to Fulton, Mississippi. Had dinner at Los Compadres mexican restaurant. Food was delicious and the ice cream deserts topped off the meal. While Maryann washed clothes at the boaters lounge a dip in the sauna was quite refreshing. An unheated spa was also enjoyable. Should now be ready for another big day.
Loading wood chips on barge at Amory
Chip Mill, mile 369.2

Closer view of the down spout where chips
are going into the barge.

Kinder Morgan River Port on TomBigBee
near Amory, Mississippi at mile 369.7

Carol handling the line in the Amory Lock

Maryann lifting a large fender back onto the boat
after departing Fulton lock.


Anonymous said...

It was great to see the 4 of you again, have a safe trip.


Anonymous said...

Ditto, Carol & Ken. Still waiting to get connected on fb... -M-