Monday, July 30, 2012


South Pittsburg Highway Bridge on Highway 156
between South Pittsburg, TN & New Hope, TN
at mile 418.5
July 30, 2012---Called Nickajack Lock & untied from the short T-dock. Went 1 mile to the lock. Gate was open upon arrival. Lock master commented how well he likes our fine boat as he lowered us 40 feet. After the lock it was downhill 47.3 easy miles on smooth water to Goose Pond Colony Marina at mile 378.2. Sounds familiar, oh yes, we were just here on July 19th. How time flies when having fun.
At mile 416.5 did not feel even a little
bump as Dream Manor passed over the
state line from Tennessee to Alabama.
Power line appears to be on the state line.

Just wanted to show how still the water
was today. See reflections on the glassy surface.

Flock of Anhinga along the grass line.

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