Monday, July 16, 2012


Beautiful sunrise on Wheeler Lake
 July 15, 2012---Just hanging out enjoying Joe Wheeler State Park Resort. Buffet brunch at Danellia's Restaurant in the lodge is a Sunday specialty. Needless to say some overeating took place, followed by napping. Set Lil Dreamer in the water and took a ride in the dingy to visit Carole and Bud McNeese on their Gibson in a slip on dock 7. Those with slips on that dock refer to themelves as members of the 700 club. Returned to the Dream Manor and took a swim in the pool.
 Monument recognizing Joseph Wheeler

Allen enjoys a fine waffle for breakfast
at the lodge.

Dream Manor looks a little lonesome in
front of lodge at Joe Wheeler Park.
Weekend boaters have departed.

Water in the pool was very pleasant.

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