Thursday, July 19, 2012


Could see front of Alred fuel dock.
July 19, 2012---Not so early today. Departed Alred Marina at 9:00 a.m. Traveled a grand total of 20.8 miles in 3 hrs. Destination Goose Pond Colony Marina 1/2 mile off main channel on port side. Channel to marina is narrow, but nicely marked and the lilies are kept under control. Marina is located near town of Scotsboro where we had visited the "Lost Luggage" in 2009. Made friends in the area that year and stopped again to visit. A pleasant afternoon.
Leaving Alred Marina

Grass growing over shallow water
outside main channel.

Sign for Goose Pond Colony Marina

Notice red channel marker is a
little hard to see when surrounded by
large lily pads.

Used marina courtesy car to go for lunch
at Huddle House in Scotsboro, AL
Keith is focused on driving.

Speedometer in courtesy car showed
100 mph. Driver said it must be stuck!

Looking toward the channel that goes
from Goose Pond back to Tennessee River.
Weather had cleared and the water was
smooth as glass. Beautiful scene. 

Gentle breeze moving the American Flag.

Tammy Saint in the middle between Maryann
on left and Carol on right. Tammy and
her husband live on a boat about 4 miles further
up river at Jackson County Marina on Roseburry Creek.
Certainly enjoyed visiting with Tammy.

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