Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Some kind of large ship!! Met ship
about 4 miles downstream from the
Nuclear Power Plant.
 July 18, 2012---Departed Joe Wheeler Park at 6:30 a.m. You just thought we couldn't get up! Great day to travel. Had one lock at mile 349, Guntersville lock had a 40' lift. Off channel at 357.4, went 1 mile up Lush Creek to Alred Marina. Barely beat the storm. Windy and raining as final ties were made at the dock. Traveled 80.4 miles today in 9.3 engine hours. Arrived dock at 3:50 p.m. Located close to Guntersville, AL.
Ship is named Delta Mariner

Large ramp on stern would lower
to load large equipment.

Browns Ferry Nuclear Power Plant
constructed 1966-1974. First nuclear
plant for TVA (Tennesse ValleyAuthoriy)

Large coolers for the power plant.

Browns Ferry plant was the largest in
the world when it was put into operation
in 1974, located on the Tennessee River
in northern Alabama at mile 294..

Southern Railroad bridge at mile 304.4 has
to be raised for passage. Normal clearance
is 10 ft. Dream Manor needs 20'. 

Waves on Tennessee River were
getting rough as storm approached. Turned
port up Lush Creek 1 mi to Alred Marina.
Front can be seen as final ties were made to
dock on end of open T.

Raining hard.

Glad to be tied securely and looking out
at the storm. Poor visibility would not
have been fun on the main channel.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys and gal are having a great adventure! I'm enjoying following your travels.
Ron in Lafayette (still behind my desk)

Anonymous said...

The Delta Mariner carries NASA equipment and was the boat that crashed into the bridge by KenLake Marina in January