Sunday, October 9, 2011


Oct. 9, 2011---The 4 mcgees did not really get to enjoy a "boating season" yet this year. We lived on Dream Manor during April as spring flooding created raging rivers carrying lots of debris. Green Turtle Bay Marina flooded (as did many others).It was obvious high water would be a problem through much of the summer. Therefore we chose to travel on land this year. Keith and Maryann lounged on the beaches in California and entertained their Grandson Max. Perhaps it was Maryann who spent time on the beach! They also made a couple of trips thru Montana and Wyoming to see relatives while driving to and from California. (Max lives in Gillette, Wyoming). Sounds like a lot of driving, but Keith loves to drive and Maryann has certainly grown accustomed to long trips. Allen and Carol traveled from Louisiana to Wyoming three times visiting family and friends. On one occasion the 4 mcgees were in Gillette, Wyoming at the same time. A few thousand miles of driving gives a person plenty of opportunities to see our great nation. Last trip to Gillette in September, Carol and Allen attented his 50th year high school reunion. No idea how it is possible so many years have passed. That's half a century! Oh well, it was a terrific gathering and certainly fun to renew old friendships. That was a really brief summary of this years activities.

Switching to current events----Keith and Maryann left California on September 26th arriving at the boat October 5th. It was just another 3000 miles across country to Grand Rivers, Kentucky including stops in Montana and Wyoming. Allen flew from Lafayette, Louisiana to Nashville, Tennessee October 8th and was picked up by Keith and Maryann. It is a 2 1/2 hour drive from there to Green Turtle Bay. It is great to be back on the boat. Carol is missing out as she chose to stay home. She did not want to be gone during Halloween as passing out candy to the neighborhood children is a special event.

Having been here a few days ahead of me, Keith and Maryann had already washed the boat. I just spent today being lazy (relaxing I meant). We are enjoying some wonderful fall weather and fully intend to exercise the "Dream Manor". The rivers look smooth and we are getting anxious to test the waters.

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